Our story

A passionate entrepreneur is building bridges between the academic world, the manufacturing industry and modern consumers, with a new generation of candy that combines science and confectionery in one drop: HAp.

Thorbjörg Jensdottir is the inventor behind the discovery and development of HAp. This unique chemical formula meets the needs of both patients battling dry mouths and consumers who want better oral care. HAp protects against the acid attacks on teeth that come with life in flux.

HAp is the candy of tomorrow. Its unique acid:calcium ratio stimulates saliva production and shortens the span where teeth are vulnerable to acid attacks from all the things we eat and drink.

Þorbjörg Jensdóttir HAp+ founder

Icelandic-born Thorbjörg speaks several languages – not only Danish, Icelandic and English, but also the languages of science and business, and academics and consumers. This enables her to connect the dots across industries and mind-sets, to create new innovations that set standards for business development and challenge the current market.

Thorbjörg thinks as a consumer, speaks as a scientist, and creates as an entrepreneur. The HAp lollipop is a great example of Thorbjörg creativity and versatility: a fun and practical way of getting your HAp drops that eliminates obstacles for patients, kids and young modern consumers.

As a “bridge builder” between different worlds, Thorbjörg has created a new food category, Healthy Candy, in which she sees huge potential: “It’s my dream to see HAp as a part of people’s daily routine, which will improve their oral health – in an easy and delicious way.”

Our vision is to improve the world’s oral health