• Assorted Flavours 500g  - OUR BEST BUY

Assorted Flavours 500g - OUR BEST BUY


Our smallest drops, and lots of them - in all our fantastic six flavours:

1) lemon,

2) strawberry and rhubarb

3) ginger and lime,

4) mint and eucalyptus,

5) liquorice

6) cola

You can try them all over and over again - and you will still have some to share. Enjoy! 


What's inside

Vantar innihaldslýsingu

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Recommended by the Icelandic Dental Association

The benefits
  • Candy that's good for you
  • Protects your teeth & gums
  • 3x more effective than chewing gum

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Being healthy has never been this fun: simple and sweet tasting. What’s not to like? We introduce the new generation of candy and emphasize that you “can get it all” in one little drop.